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Final work in the”Above The Clouds” series

Above The Clouds, Orange Tree Size: 84 x 84 cm Medium: Acrylic on canvas

The conclusion of the Above The Clouds series, at least for now. I may revisit the concept at a later time but that will be another series. 

It’s been fun playing around with this combination and finally conquering the square format. Thanks to all those who have commented positively.



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At Boltspace

Floating Shop 1
Mid window
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Floating Shop
In the window
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Close Up
Side view
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Slide Heading
From below.
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Rear view
Looking from inside out
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Floating Shop at Boltspace

My first installation at Boltspace. A shop, based  loosely off the local dentist building at 365 High St, Maitland. Made out of used boxes from double and triple corrugated cardboard. I like that I’m representing a solid physical building that has a long life and permanent presence out of a temporary disposable material that many shops deliver their products in. It also calls attention to the heritage of that style of building in High street. 

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Second Work for On The Surface

Title: Walking The dog Past St Pauls Size 75 x 50 cm medium Acrylic on Triple corrugated Cardboard

The second in my works on triple Cardboard titled” Walking The dog Past St Pauls “. The old St Pauls parish, now closed and possibly condemned, sits in the afternoon sun as a man walks his dog. Does he even notice this old charmer? Would he care if it wasn’t there anymore? Would anybody but this artist? Again of note is the use of the cardboard to replace the warmth of the brick. The challenge of doing these works is to blend the cardboard warmth with the pictorial elements that describe the subject. Also capturing the man was a real challenge in this one. Funnily the dog flowed easily. 

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New work for Boltspace’s ” On The Surface” Exhibition

Boltspace’s next exhibition is called ” On The Surface” Works on paper. I have painted three artworks on triple corrugated cardboard from a baking box for a portable air conditioner. The first of these is called ” Swimming Against Doctrine”. 

A lone snorkeler swims towards a brick building. This building is a religious education school. The scene is not naturalistic despite the depiction of each element. Indeeds it sits in a unique pectoral space. Only when a viewer grasps this does the idea come to the surface. 

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The third work in my “Above The Clouds” Series

Title: Above The Clouds, Flytrap Size 84 x 84 cm Medium Acrylic on Canvas

The third in the series, Above The Clouds. It this work we have the absurd situation of a glass bowl full of the unusual plants that are insect catchers floating above an open case high above the clouds. 

How can this be? Perhaps a observation on how we transport plants around the world? Is the case falling? Or is it defying gravity?

I’ll let the viewer decide.

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Now at traffic jam galleries

I now have work at traffic jam galleries in Neutral Bay in Sydney. 

Today I delivered six works to traffic jam galleries in an new association. I hope this is a new beginning a look forward to working with Rebecca and Jess in the future. I believe The Owl Index will be included in their upcoming Bird exhibition so check that out on their website:

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Next in The Above The Clouds Series

Title: Above The Clouds, Terarrium. Size 84 x 84 cm Medium Acrylic on Canvas

The second in the Above The Clouds series

this work is an expression of a set of feelings about recent times. A desire to get away, above the clouds. Yet we’re all in a bubble. Is it safety or a prism? Perhaps it’s one for some and the other for the rest. 

More likely it’s a bit of both depending on how you see it at the time.