2023 Mural

Jungle Doorway

As part of the Maitlanes Initiative by Maitland Council I was asked to do a door as part of “Take Me To The Jungle” in Moore Street in Maitland. So I decided to do a tropical jungle waterfall scene.

Lost Cedar Forest

As part of the Maitlanes Initiative I was awarded the ground mural for ” Lost Cedar Forest” which is in a laneway next to The Reject Shop and the Old NAB building ( Now the Christmas Shop)

The theme was the forest floor of a sub-tropical Red Cedar rainforest.

The surface was a horror to work on as it was an old, highly degraded asphalt surface.

The paint used was mostly a tough two part acrylic provided by Street Bond. Although I did use some high grade artist acrylic in a few circumstances here and there.

This project took four weeks, working every day except the two days it rained.