Then She Was Rising 120 x 90 cm

A work that explores both a physical and emotional state

A New work

Title: Then She Was Rising Size 120 x 90 cm 20-07-2022 After a 3 month break spent insulating and rearranging my studio, this is the

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Altitude of the Mind​ Altitude of the Mind is a work exploring the idea that the conscious  mind is the high country and that not

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A new work for my up coming Mini exhibition at Traffic Jam Galleries 15 – 30 March Sky Plant, Comfortable Orchid Size 90 x 90

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Tree In A Jar

Tree In A Jar One of the works for the upcoming mini exhibition at Traffic Jame galleries running from 15th to the 30th of March

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A New Direction

Title: Dancing With Nautili, Size 90 x 120 cm Acrylic on Canvas I’ve been working towards a way to include the human figure for a

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